Why Your Art Needs to be Professionally Installed

Why Your Art Needs to be Professionally Installed

Behind every captivating piece of art lies an intricate tale of creation, passion and expression. As artists pour their hearts into their work, it's equally crucial to ensure that the final presentation does justice to their vision. The artistry of professional installation extends beyond simply hanging a piece on the wall; it orchestrates an immersive experience that not only enhances the impact of the artwork, but ensures it lasts the tests of time. Below, we share our top reasons why you should have your artwork professionally installed:

  1. Safety
    Above all else, safety is the most crucial reason to utilise the expertise of a professional art installation service. An art installer will understand how to install an artwork correctly based on the weight and dimensions and this ensures the safety of both the artwork and the people around it.

  2. Handling
    Particularly if your artwork is bulky or heavy, hiring a professional means your prized possession will be handled with care. Without the appropriate equipment and know-how, artworks can all-too-easily be damaged during installation. Not only could this be potentially irreparable, but even if the artwork can be recovered the cost would likely be far greater than simply employing an expert in the first place.

  3. Attention to Detail
    When you hire a professional, you’re not just paying them for the time installation takes, but you’re also paying them for their years of experience. This experience is the critical difference between how an artwork looks hung by an amateur versus a professional. Investing in a quality, aligned installation gives the end-result your artwork deserves.

  4. Specialised Installation
    Hiring a professional is especially important when the work is being displayed in a unique environment. For example, an artwork above a tall foyer, or a large sculpture installation would all require specialised safety equipment and even multiple installers. These large scale installations should not be attempted as DIY.

  5. A Fresh Perspective
    A professional installer can offer a second, objective opinion on the placement of your artwork; which sometimes, can make all the difference.

In the realm of art, every detail matters and the final presentation is no exception. Utilising the services of a professional art installer is not merely about convenience; it ensures safety, quality and longevity. 

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