The Artist

The Artist

Meet Jan Pooley-Hibberd:              

Artist and Art Educator

Studies: National Art School 

Having moved to the Southern Highlands I became immersed in the landscape and skyscape: reflected in all my works. So many of my  artworks are from my immediate experience. 

How lucky have I been! 

How delighted I am to imagine these works in the homes of art lovers!

The expansive landscape and the cloud formations inspired me to create large space-filled artworks. 

Space is such an essential element for me. I am astounded to have captured the feeling of space! Starting with a white paper and ending with a space-filled view of my beloved highlands is both astounding and humbling. I am challenged to capture more of the various moods of the landscape and the extensive sky and more and more space. I will work and share my space-filled artwork over and over again!

My other passion is silversmithing: designing and creating elegant wearable pieces. An experience of pure joy for sharing.


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