Pick the Perfect Piece of Art for Your Home

Pick the Perfect Piece of Art for Your Home

Transforming a house into a home involves more than just furniture and decor; it's about infusing your personal touch and unique character into every nook and cranny. One of the most enchanting ways to achieve this is by carefully selecting art pieces that resonate with your soul and speak to the essence of your space. 

The journey of choosing the perfect piece of art goes beyond aesthetics, delving into emotions, styles and narratives that align with your vision. Here are our top tips on how to pick the perfect piece of art for your home:

  1. Decide What You Want to Say
    Art is a form of self expression not only for the artist, but for the collector. The decision that will inform all others is: What do you want to say? Do you want to make a statement? Or do you just want something that makes you happy?

  2. Consider the Form
    Once you know what to say, you can work out how to say it. Art comes in a multitude of forms, so consider them all - from paintings, drawings and photography to sculpture, tapestry or Macramé. The style of your house will naturally speak to the complimentary art forms. For instance, black and white architectural photography may bode well to a modern space, whereas a warm-white Macramé piece would suit a Bohemian environment.

  3. Colour Palette
    Your existing space will not only inform the type of art, but also the colour. Consider the other elements in the room - mainly the flooring, furniture and walls. Are the existing colours bold or neutral? Warm or cool? Do you want to contrast or compliment?

  4. ‘Measure Twice, Cut Once’
    Don’t forget to carefully measure the space available before purchasing your art and allow enough distance from furniture, windows, doors and other room features. Keep in mind, it’s good to keep a few negative spaces in the room to create balance and relief.

  5. T.L.C
    To ensure your new piece continues to look beautiful in your home, follow the Artist’s instructions to care for the work. 

If all else fails, you can always contact me - I would be happy to help!

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